Sunday, September 19, 2010

School Mode Again

* this is a late post :) sorry :)

i know i haven't updated for a long time my dear bloggers :) i just waited for the term to end before i post here again because i'm very busy. this term's going to be a busy term for me because we have to finish our thesis by december. We are making a SYSTEM (yeah, i'm taking a computer related course and how i wish i took fashion or business related course instead) for a real estate company :D yeahyeah :)

this is what i wore on my first day of school

What i'm wearing: Blue Puffed Sleeves top | Maong Jeans | MISTI COLLECTION vest/topper | ICHIGO Blue Strappy Flats | MANGO 2way satchel bag | MISTI COLLECTION gold and black combi fringe necklace

also, here are my outfit post on chictopia :D :D :D i promise to update here as often as i could :)

love, love love! :D


  1. My fave look is the one with the long blazer! You have amazing style!

    Just came across your blog!

  2. Hi
    thanks for the link! you might want to correct my surname its Martinez with a Z

  3. Hi Mrs Martinez, sorry for that. I already changed it to Z. thanks a lot! :)


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