Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i-ADORE: Lissa Kahayon

When talking about versatility, I can only think of one person in my chictopia list/style icons - Lissa Kahayon.
I really admire her style and even before I joined chictopia, I am already checking out her Chictopia page. Her style can transform from one trend to another: from boyish to girly, from rocker to casual, from printed to plain, from black to white, from branded to vintage finds, from flats to sky high heels. Name it all :) Being a stylist comes natural to her. She can recycle her clothes and make it look like another piece. I envy her being able to carry herself no matter what outfit she wears and tries on.


Rocker Chic:


1.) Who is Lissa Kahayon?
I'm 21 years old, I graduated last June 2010 from DLSU Manila with a degree of Behavioral Science. I've always been interested in fashion so while studying, I pursued my fashion dreams thru blogging and thru my online store, Lovevintage. I'm now a fashion assistant of Liz Uy.

2.) How would you describe your style?
Unpredictable, moody and always with a twist.

3.) Where do you usually shop and get your clothes?
Anywhere, really. But I love Zara, Topshop, Forever 21, Mango, Tyler, Glitterati, department stores, thrift shops and shopping online.

4.) Favorite trend of all time?
Fringes, studs, chains. I love the key details of an outfit. I also like using corsets as outer wear. I like the balance of being sublty sexy and the femininity- just as long as it is worn in the right way of course.

5.) What is your favorite piece of clothing you have in your closet which you won't trade for anything else? Why?
My black shorts and my plain tank tops. I can wear them over and over again and I love the challenge of styling them in so many different ways.

6.) Who is your fashion icon? Where do you get your fashion inspirations?
There are a lot. I love Rachel Zoe, Giovanna Bataglia, Taylor Tomasi, Nicole Richie, the Olsen twins, Alexa Chung, my fellow bloggers. I get inspiration from everywhere- the streets, just by observing people, the clothes I see on the racks, even from paintings and random doodles. I also love checking out other people's blogs from all over the world.

7.) What is your fashion philosophy?
The shoes really make the outfit and don't fall for trends - before you buy clothes, envision first in your head how you can style and wear them in different ways. 

8.) Advice and messages to all fashionistas?
Never be pressured to dress up, it's all about having fun! :)

Be inspired and spread the fashion word!


* all photos are from her Chictopia page, check more here.


  1. great pics. check out www.newyorkfashion-sh.blogspot.com

  2. hi
    just stumbled into your blog tonight and i am so amazed at how you highlight other fashionistas in our country. more power! i'll see more of your updates. im including you in my blogroll.

  3. great feature, love her style, she's very versatile :)

    last day of my StiLa GIVEAWAY, join now:

  4. hi guys, thanks for the lovely comments! just keep posted, you might get featured!;)


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