Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ola, Boheme!

Pearls and feathers. Why not?

The dress and overall look makes me think about bohemian.
Bohemian is usually not my style but I kind of felt a bohemian vibe that day. Hence the flowy printed dress and layered cardigan.

Trivia: The dress is initially a long skirt. (And yes, it is from my grandmother's closet again)
When I first saw the dress/skirt, I can really think about numerous ways of styling it that's why I did not have any doubts of borrowing it :)

Can't wait to wear this as a skirt naman!

What do you usually get from your grandmothers? Come on, share it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Stripes Alert

Sheer Top + Striped Top worn as Skirt + Animal Printed Pumps

I just love how my animal print shoes matches my striped skirt.
Also, as you might notice, I keep on posting photos of me wearing a skirt as a top. I really can't get over because I love the results.

Shoe Lust, Shoe In Love.

And.... I think I need a haircut.

Come on, try reusing your clothes in a different way! Share it to me! <3

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Those Feathers

Yehey, I am back!
I've been extremely busy nowadays, to the point that when I go home, I go straight to my bed.

I love this feather necklace. Just wear it then Boom!

My forever favorites in the world of fashion:
Statement Necklaces
Wide Belts
Highwaist Skirts

But they say, style evolves and fashion innovates. Let's see if my favorites will change! 

How about you, what's your most favorite clothing piece and accessory?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Woven and Loose

Grandmother's woven cardigan + my loose top worn as a skirt

The crochet/woven top is actually my grandmother's which is really perfect for today's weather. I wanted to feel the warmth since it was raining all day but I also wanted to keep it safe just in case the sun rises in the middle of the day. Crochet tops are a perfect way of layering for whatever weather.

As for the skirt (oops, scratch that, I mean top-worn-as-skirt haha!), I'm in the mood for a browny and beigy color palette. I keep on searching for the perfect skirt to wear but I can't find any. Good thing I stumbled upon this loose top of mine and I thought of wearing it as a skirt for a change! Tadah! (You can see me wearing this as a top here)

I love how the sleeves of this top added drapes to the "skirt".

New necklace I am inlove with!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

AVA x Jeffrey Campbell

Who wants a Jeffrey Campbell Shoes?

I want one, and I know you want it too that's why I'm sharing this to you! ;) is giving you a chance to win one JC shoes of your choice! 
Register HERE for a chance of winning!

What are you waiting for? Click, Click, Click now!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tea Please!

Are you a tea drink lover?
Well, I've got a good news for you (especially for college students studying near UP Diliman)!
Tea Please will be an additional addicting tea drink for you!

Ever Famous Tea

Milk Tea!! My favorite ever!

 We all love Yakult!

Lastly, they've got a gift for you guys. Complete their tea card (which only requires you to fill 4 stubs, easy right?) to get one free drink. Promo until July 30, 2011 only. So hurry guys!

It is located at Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.
Sadly, they don't deliver. Maybe soon, they will! :)

Basics and Popping Red

Well, the title gave it all. 
I'm back to basics plus an eye popping red belt to break the solemnity of the outfit.

F21 loose top.
Vintage pants.
People R People platforms.
Genevieve Gozum belt.

Loose on Semi Loose.
Who said it must only be Loose on Fit?

I'm on pants again and I'm loving it :)

BTW, I have a new photographer: our House Helper! teehee! :) 
I can now take outfit photos every now and then even if my siblings were not at home.
Just a quick advice for successful shots, give them the camera with proper settings already and tell them to go a bit lower when taking photos so your legs won't look shorter. ;)
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