Saturday, April 30, 2011

Razon's Halo-Halo

Since it is already summer and scorching hot here in the Philippines, its time for a cooling and soothing dessert/merienda/snack.

RAZON's famous Halo-Halo.

For those who don't know, Halo-Halo is a Filipino dessert. It contains beans, pearls, bananas, crushed ice leche flan/ube/icecream as a topping. Actually, the contents depends. Some puts langka, shredded corn and other variations of it.
Razons is famous of their halo-halo and palabok, i think. I tried both and I LOVED IT!!! <3

It's worth a try and affordable! 60 pesos only (i think)!

They have branches in Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila, Muntinlupa, Paranaque, Pasay, Pasig, Quezon City, San Juan, Pasay, Pasig, Quezon City and Taguig.

Friday, April 29, 2011

I LOVE to Dance

I love Dancing. 
Dancing is my first love more than anything else.
I am a frustrated dancer and at times, I suddenly feel sad that because I wasn't able to pursue this talent/hobby/interest anymore.

I started dancing since I was in preschool. I always dance - school programs, contests, intermission numbers, etc. I always extend school hours and spend nights preparing and rehearsing. No, I don't get tired. I'm happy with what I'm doing. I'm not into jazz though, I'm into hip hop dancing. Don't be shocked :P

When I entered college, I was so determined to join the Dance Club/Troupe or whatever they call it. I tried joining the Cheer leading squad but I didn't finish the auditions because I was always dead tired when I get home. I live 2 hours away from school. That's when my dancing ended.

Every time I see my friends' photos performing and dancing. I am so envious. How I wish I can still do the same.

Anyhooo, I was so happy when a friend of mine thought of selling ballers (because she's into dancing as well. well, almost all of my friends are into dancing.) We can sooo relate to this baller.

Express your love for Dance and get one! Feel free to inquire if you want :)

Visit their FB page!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sheerness & Maxi

One trick to elongate your lower torso?


Patricia Prieto of PARADIGMA


Anastasia Siantar of BROWN PLATFORMS

Liz Elisabeth of Voguish Doodles

I've been dreaming of trying out the MAXI SKIRT trend but I can't due to the following reasons:

* I don't have a long dress anymore which I can use as a maxi skirt, I gave it all away. HAHA.

* I don't have a maxi skirt, and I'm still in the process of searching ;)

* I am too scared to try. YES, I'm that scared to leave my comfort zone. I'm thinking of a lot of things like it may not suit my personality, I might not carry myself in such trends, etc. But I am being inspired by a lot of bloggers in chictopia and lookbook. I see a lot of people wearing maxi skirt and I wanna give it a try! Also the quote "Dress for yourself not for other people" stucks into my head now. Like what I've said in my previous post, you'll never know if it looks good if you've never tried it out.

So I dragged my boyfriend with me in my MAXI SKIRT search. I am initially in search of a sheer one but I ended up getting the one i'm wearing.

Sheer top, semi sheer maxi skirt plus color blocked bag is a slight indicator that the hotness of summer is already coming.

Wore flats because I'm going to do lotsa errands today. That's why I wore a sheer top as well. I want everything to be comfy! What I love about owning a maxi skirt is that you is is unlimited. You can style it in many ways. Tie it to become shorter, make drapes by pinning up one side, etc.

Now, my target is to have a printed/colored maxi skirt!

Be inspired and spread the fashion word!


Monday, April 18, 2011

False Accusation

I feel incredibly sad and devastated. :(

Why do people put up blog post for other's risk? I just can't believe it that someone can do that to a person she does not even know. I don't know what the purpose and intention is.

I started selling online last year, January. For the love of fashion, I sell accessories, clothes and shoes to share to co-shopaholics. I want them to embrace the world of fashion without shedding too much money because I believe that fashion is not about how much your wardrobe costs but about personal style. Being an online shopper myself, I know what I should do to be able to deliver what the brand has promised to customers. 

Once, I have received a complaint regarding a damage of the shoes I have delivered (clearly a manufacturer issue, which is the reason why I am not selling shoes anymore - supplier does not value the good relationship to retailers/distributors). I have gladly accommodated it and refunded the money. I have NEVER received a text message or a call telling me that they did not receive the item they bought from me. If there is, the customer should have told me. If you stumbled upon my shop website, there should have a negative comment regarding this matter. But there isn't. No comments, No Personal Messages, No text messages, No calls. I have NEVER shipped an empty box and I just ship items if customers are not from Metro Manila (not possible for meetups). This is why I prefer meetups and look for the most possible meetup place between me and customer so that I can really say that the items go to the customer's hand directly. That's why I can't believe this "blogger" said that I have sent NUMEROUS empty boxes. But despite of these circumstances, I am thankful enough to those customers who understood the situation.

I have NEVER encountered any complaints about my supplier. I have NEVER not paid an online purchase. I always pay cash upon delivery/meetup or before shipping. FYI false blogger, There are no online shops who deliver without a full payment and even a down payment. 

I am raised by my parents well. If I cannot afford something, I would not buy it. And seriously, I have the money to pay whatever I have committed to. And come to think of it, will I have the guts to put up this blog if I have done such action?

Now, I feel for those people who's been stabbed without doing anything. Parang wala akong kalaban laban, dahil online yun eh. People can read about it, anytime and anywhere. It is so terrible, my photos are in it. I can't stand to see myself in that post together with the false accusation.

People, please. If you have nothing to do and nothing good to say, just stop.

God knows the truth. May that blogger be blessed and forgiven.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Color Blocked Bag

What can you buy with 800 pesos? My answer is this.

Ta-dah! A color blocked bag. 

I can't just leave Genevieve Gozum without carrying this in my arms. I was not really expecting something like this inside that shop. It was big enough for a girl who brings the whole house with her. Haha, Kidding aside, its really spacious enough for me since I tend to carry a lot of things when I go out - make up, glasses, wallet, coin purse, camera, etc.

Lesson: You can really find a treasure in an unexpected place. Just widen your eyes and look for it ;)

Be inspired and spread the fashion word!


Pepper Lunch!

Pepper Lunch, Shangrila Mall

Spacious enough. Beautiful and nice ambiance. Well, for ME.

Their kitchen.

Cute details on their wall!


Meal prices starts at 180 pesos.

This is my order. Beef something. and since I am hungry, I opt to add meat for 20pesos, i think. If you want to add an egg, estimate of 20 pesos should be added also. The original price of my meal is 220 something but they have promo daw during weekdays so I got a discount. I dunno if the promo applies to all branches though.

Thumbs up! I think Sizzling Pepper Steak and Pepper Lunch is somewhat similar. Click HERE for Sizzling Pepper Steak Blog Post.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stripes To Break Solid Blocks

I love this trend. To give it a new twist, I used a striped top to break the solidness of the color blocks.

We might not even notice that some of us follow this trend. I see a lot of people supporting the color blocking but I think they're not aware of it. I think I should add a segment here in my blog showing people in streets, office, etc wearing trends! Woot!

I love the shoes, comfiest pair I have ever owned. I can walk in these for a whole day.

Thanks to my sister for the photos. She is my official photographer. I owe to her all my outfit photos (except for some that were taken by my younger brother). I can do whatever pose I want when she's the one taking photos. Sorry for the haggard face, some please teach me how to apply makeup. Haha. I don't have that talent.

Thank you Gold Dot for the rings!!

I'm in Style Bible!

Be inspired and spread the fashion word!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Golden Spoon Indeed

I have a sweet tooth.

I like sweets, desserts, chocolates not to mention adding a lot of sugar into my oatmeal. Despite having an addiction to sweetness, I am not a fan of yogurts.

But after eating @ Pepper Lunch with my teammates, we dropped by at Golden Spoon. Golden Spoon offers frozen yogurts with lotsa sprinkles you can choose from together with the literally GOLDEN Spoon. They say their Froyos are the "Ice cream Lovers' Frozen Yogurt." Maybe because the sweetness is just right for ice cream lovers yet it is still nutritional. For nutritional facts info click HERE

Golden Spoon @ Shangrila Mall

Lots of sprinkles and toppings to choose from. Gummy bears, corn flakes, cookes&cream crumbs, chocochips, marshmallows, and the list goes on....

20 pesos per toppings.

Froyo sizes
*photo from Golden Spoon's Website

My sweet treat! I just can't resist to try it. I got strawberry froyo for myself with chocochips and cookies&cream crumbs as for my toppings. Sorry for the blurry photo, I was walking while taking the picture. But it was worth it. Only 85 pesos I think for the small froyo. See the spoon? Its really gold! Joke! haha Its plastic but color gold.

 Strawberry Frozen Yogurt with Chocochips and Cookies and Cream Crumbs.

 Of course, discount card! If you'll buy on a Monday, they'll give 2 stickers! So buy every Mondays :P

They have 11 branches here in Philippines. Visit them on a monday! haha
* Alabang Town Center
* City Walk 2
* Greenhills
* Magallanes
* Makati-Glorietta
* Ortigas-Center
* Robinsons Galleria Veranda
* Shangri-la Mall
* Trinoma
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