Sunday, March 20, 2011

i-ADORE: Vern Enciso

Sophisticated, Girly and classy. Those are the words that I can think of when I check Vern's Blog or Chictopia Page. She is a 17 year old girl and I can say that she's an early bloomer when it comes to fashion. Not only that, she is an aspiring make up artist and can do good make ups, check her portfolio/tutorials here.

Take a look at her outfits, so fabulous!


Printed Madness:


1.) Who is Vern Enciso (brief background, current achievements, etc)?
      - "I am an aspiring make up artist, a fashion blogger, a european studies student and a blogger asset for  

2.) How would you describe your style?
     - "It would always be classy and girly but it will never ever be boring!"

3.) Where do you usually shop and get your clothes?
      - "Everywhere and I mean that. I shop in high end stores to the bangketa stores. I love SM, H&M, 
         Bazaars and Topshop :) those will always top my list!"

4.) Favorite trend of all time?
     - "Lace and floral! there will always be a tie between those two :)"

5.) What is your favorite piece of clothing you have in your closet which you won't trade for anything else? Why?
- "My blue balenciaga bag because it's my mom's gift to me :) It'll always be special to me :) "

6.) Who is your fashion icon? Where do you get your fashion inspirations?
- "Fashion icons will always be: Liz Uy and Whitney Port. Fashion inspirations: I believe that celebrities always have a stylist to guide them through their outfits so I've always been inspired by the regular people you see everyday :) and music, definitely music :)"

7.) What is your fashion philosophy?
- "Less is more but the right kind of less :) "

8.) Advice and messages to all fashionistas?
- "Enjoy dressing up! Those are one of the things you should never have to worry about because you can always try again tomorrow if something went wrong with your outfit today :) "

* All photos are from Vern's Chictopia

Be inspired and spread the fashion word!



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