Friday, March 25, 2011

i-ADORE: Lexi Gancayco

Long Legged. Trendy. Unpredictable.

Three words I can attach to LEXI GANCAYCO.

If you came across on her chictopia page, you will notice that her style varies. As she says, her style is temporary and no one can tell what she's going to wear tomorrow. Her modelesque body built can carry a lot of style and any piece of clothing works on her. Her love for fashion and vintage pieces comes natural to her since she owns a clothing line -- SECOND SHOP.

Here are some outfit shots of her.

1.) Who is Lexi Gancayco?
- "I'm Lexi Gancayco, a 19-year old student from the University of the Philippines Diliman campus, about to finish my 2nd year in BS Economics. Aside from being a student, I'm the "creative director" and co-owner of The Second Shop with my partner, Jason. I enjoy cheap thrills, a lot of DIY's and watching Grey's Anatomy. More than being into fashion, i'm into observing and appreciating the different color combination, art, design shapes around, and fashion has a lot of these in them."

2.) How would you describe your style?
- "Temporary. There's no telling what I'll wear tomorrow, or today."

3.) Where do you usually shop and get your clothes?
- "As co-owner of the Second shop, its no surprise that I like shopping in thirft stores! But i also like department stores and little boutique areas like 50th Avenue. Of course, theres Forever21 too!"

4.) Favorite trend of all time?
- "High waist shorts, maxi skirts, oversized tank tops."

5.) What is your favorite piece of clothing you have in your closet which you won't trade for anything else?
- "My black corset - because it goes with almost anything! I can wear it at night or in the day. It works well with all black, and outrageously printed bottoms and blazers! Its such a staple and must have piece."

6.) Who is your fashion icon? Where do you get your fashion inspirations?
- "I don't have any main fashion perce, but many Fashion bloggers like Rumi Neely (Fashiontoast) Marcella (Fashiondistraction) Hallie ( are just some of the really inspiring fashion bloggers I follow. There are also local fashion icons of course who are just as inspiring like, Kookie Buhain, Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon, Liz Uy, Daryl Chang and many more! Of course, there are also local magazines, friends, and things around me that continue to inspire me."

7.) What is your fashion philosophy?
- "If you feel good in it, wear it, work it and own it. Its not as easy as it sounds, because there are many people in the Philippines who are outraged by people who wear platform, sky high heels to the mall or in the day, but you should learn to ignore people like them continue to wear what makes you feel good."

8.) Advice and messages to all fashionistas?
- "Learn to find your own uniqueness and individuality, and don't be afraid to let it out. When you're inspired by different people, magazines, and blogs, don't copy what you see, just incorporate ideas into your own style. And like I said in the last question, If you feel good in it, wear it, work it and own it."

* All photos are from Lexi's Chictopia.

Be inspired and spread the fashion word!


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  1. "but you should learn to ignore people like them continue to wear what makes you feel good."
    absolutely agree!!!!!


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