Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 25- What I would find in your bag

my bag (gift from boyfriend)

I know, my bag is so messy. :( i have my bag organizer but it doesn't seem to work :D

my I-Phone Themed phone :) cute!

my bag contains:
* bag organizer which is ineffective
* make up kit (powder, blush-on, petroleum jelly for my dry lips because lip balms aren't effective,
 lipstick, perfume, bobby/hair pins, comb which i only use often because i use vitress more, holy seat, panty liners, etc)
* coin purse
* wallet
* SHOP's wallet
* SHOP's notebook inventory/sales
* eyeglasses (poor me, i have a poor eye sight)
* contact lens
* alcohol
* vitress hair polish (w/c i bring everyday!)
* fan (i really need this because i hate sweating)
* umbrella for unpredictable rain


  1. wow, you have some many stuff in your bag! I usually just keep my wallet, phones,headphones and a pen.xx

  2. yah, i do! and its a bit hassle for me at timeS! haha everything seems so important to me, i just can't leave them haha


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