Friday, July 30, 2010


Tip 1: You don't have to be branded head to toe. Mix and Match is the key. Know the basics, it is a good foundation in building your wardrobe. It is not about the brand but about YOU being able to style it and express your own creation through clothes! :D

Purple Get Laud Dress, Bazaar Cardigan, Bazaar Shoes, Random Accessories

Tip 2: You don't have to stick with what you've bought. I mean, if it's a dress, don't only use it as a dress. I know you could REINVENT things out of it. Wear it as a top or whatever. In my case, I just gave it a twist, tied it up, and voila, new look for my dress! :) (I also wore this today at office as a top :) )

That's me, on the process of tying my dress

                                                            Me, wearing the dress as a top :)

Tip 3: Feel it! :) Emote with it! :) You're beautiful in everyway girl!

Tip 4: Be happy! Be inspired to dress up! I, myself, admit that there are days when i'm too lazy to dress up due to weather, and other reasons but i'm being inspired to dress up! because we girls want to look good! aren't we? :)

Btw guys, i'm having a promo on my shop! :) if you follow my blog, i'll give discounts! :)

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