Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hi to all my readers! I just want you to know that I merged two of my categories into one. Before, I-SPOT and I-ADORE are in different tabs but I realized that they're of the same theme and concept -- SPOTTING and FEATURING fashionable stuff around the world. So, I've decided to merge them into one which will be called I-SPOT. I-SPOT has two categories under it: 

I-SPOT Brands.

 I-SPOT People. 

So If you've been finding the I-ADORE section, it's not deleted. I just placed it under I-SPOT section.

Together with this, I thought of adding a new category in my blog which will be called ATBP.

ATBP is a tagalog jargon which stands for "At Iba Pa".
It's like "ETC" in english.

This section would contain stuff about art,s photography, etc.

Feel free to suggest any topics you want to fall under this category. :)

Thanks a lot!


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