Monday, March 21, 2011

CHEERS to 3 Years!

Today is a very special day for me.
No, it's not my birthday.


3rd year of LOVE and HAPPINESS.
Nothing has changed, only our love gets stronger each day.

He is not only my boyfriend. 
But also my bestfriend who stabs me in front when I did something bitchy.
My Dad who scolds me whenever my outfit is too revealing.
My brother who protects me from the bad guys out there.
My sister who I can gossip with.
My cheerleader when I'm in doubt of myself.
My human alarm clock and planner who reminds me of my TO DO list since I'm forgetful.
No matter what, I know I have someone to run to if everyone else turned their back on me.

Our happiness is limitless yet simple. Having a bag of Piatos roadhouse barbeque makes our day even a pack of gummy candies or chocolates will do.

No, our relationship isn't as perfect as the classic fairytales. We had arguments and misunderstandings. We are alike but different at the same time. He want to watch basketball but I want the channel to be in Gossip Girl. He checks his favorite basketball site the first thing he opens google chrome while I quickly open my saved bookmarks which includes lookbook, chictopia, blogger, twitter, online shops, etc. Oftentimes, we have different perspectives about things but we also share common interests and thoughts about life. 

We dream together, fight for each other and face the hardships in life together.


Well enough of the sentiments!
Here's how we celebrated our 3rd year! :)

Went to my alma mater to get my graduation photos then ate lunch at Papa John's.

Papa John's is located at the newly renovated University Mall (Vito Cruz, Taft Avenue, Manila).
We just kept the meal light because we don't want to make our tummies full since we're having a buffet lunch for dinner.

Below is their Chicken Grilled Pizza. It's yummy but haven't tasted any chicken though.

Pasta Bolognaise, which is actually better than their carbonaras.

I've tasted their carbonara before and I didn't like it. I don't know if it is really their style to make foods that are not that saucy. So I initially told my friends not to order carbonara and choose the red sauces instead.

Chicken Wings which are soooo yummy! I like it but it's so small. :( I politely asked one of their crews to have it replaced with bigger ones. In fairness to her, she is so kind to accommodate me but after asking someone inside the kitchen she told me the sizes are all the same. :(

We went to greenbelt afterwards since it's the nearest mall to Makati Shangrila.
Got bored in the car coz it's traffic. My frustrations of becoming a photographer came out. HAHA.

It's scorching hot that day. It made us hungry and thirsty so we decided to grab some cold coffee frap and honey glazed doughnut from Starbucks to satisfy our thirsty throat and tummy.
 319. Our anniversary date :)

My favorite pair of shoes as of the moment :)

We watched RED RIDING HOOD afterwards. It's been a long time since the last time we watched a movie.
For the movie, it's a thumbs up for me. ;) lotsa twists, go watch it!

This dinner ruined my months of healthy. I felt like, those days I haven't eaten rice were wasted. HAHA!

Sorry for the poor quality. I'm in a rush when I took this because people were looking at me. AND the beau keeps on telling me "Tama na picture! Mamaya na yan..". 
In english "Stop taking photos, do it later after we eat."

The first station you'll see upon entering the resto is their Seafood and Japanese Station.

Japanese Section.

Seafood Station. 
Lots of BIG Shrimps and Tahong.

Salad Station which we did not try because we're not a fan of veggies and salads

Bread Station.

BBQ Station.

Different kinds of food-on-sticks were laid here. You'll choose, then they grill and serve it to your table so 
you won't have to stand there and wait..

Italian Station.
We ordered a yummy carbonara in penne and fetuccini noodles.

Their big turkey. (I'm not sure if it's turkey though, haha)

Chinese Station.
We just tasted their siomai and dumpling. Well, the usual.

Chicken and Lechon Station.

Singapore or Thai food Station. (I'm not really sure if it's Singapore or Thai)

Taco/Nachos/Shawarma Station.

Wine Station.

The most awaited of everyone, DESSERT STATION!!

I just realized I haven't tasted all of these. :(
These are yummy! :) with a grape in each of the burgers :)

Sugar free brownies. 
Not a fan of sugar free stuff because I'm a sweet tooth so my verdict is I don't like it.

I don't know what are these called but I have tasted the one in the top and it's yummy. ;)


Choco Fountain.


Halo-Halo Station.

Our ice cream with sprinkled stuff.

This won my tummy's vote! It is supper tasty and yummy.

Waiting for our pasta :)



  1. aww this is cute :) happy 3rd anniversary to you guys ;)

  2. Happy anniversary! It looks like it was a beautiful day :)
    We did 3 years on 14th of january.

  3. @rizza: thank you!! :)

    @tereza: yes it is! congrats to you as well! spread the love ;)

  4. sweet. :) belated happy 3rd anniversary guys!


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