Monday, April 18, 2011

False Accusation

I feel incredibly sad and devastated. :(

Why do people put up blog post for other's risk? I just can't believe it that someone can do that to a person she does not even know. I don't know what the purpose and intention is.

I started selling online last year, January. For the love of fashion, I sell accessories, clothes and shoes to share to co-shopaholics. I want them to embrace the world of fashion without shedding too much money because I believe that fashion is not about how much your wardrobe costs but about personal style. Being an online shopper myself, I know what I should do to be able to deliver what the brand has promised to customers. 

Once, I have received a complaint regarding a damage of the shoes I have delivered (clearly a manufacturer issue, which is the reason why I am not selling shoes anymore - supplier does not value the good relationship to retailers/distributors). I have gladly accommodated it and refunded the money. I have NEVER received a text message or a call telling me that they did not receive the item they bought from me. If there is, the customer should have told me. If you stumbled upon my shop website, there should have a negative comment regarding this matter. But there isn't. No comments, No Personal Messages, No text messages, No calls. I have NEVER shipped an empty box and I just ship items if customers are not from Metro Manila (not possible for meetups). This is why I prefer meetups and look for the most possible meetup place between me and customer so that I can really say that the items go to the customer's hand directly. That's why I can't believe this "blogger" said that I have sent NUMEROUS empty boxes. But despite of these circumstances, I am thankful enough to those customers who understood the situation.

I have NEVER encountered any complaints about my supplier. I have NEVER not paid an online purchase. I always pay cash upon delivery/meetup or before shipping. FYI false blogger, There are no online shops who deliver without a full payment and even a down payment. 

I am raised by my parents well. If I cannot afford something, I would not buy it. And seriously, I have the money to pay whatever I have committed to. And come to think of it, will I have the guts to put up this blog if I have done such action?

Now, I feel for those people who's been stabbed without doing anything. Parang wala akong kalaban laban, dahil online yun eh. People can read about it, anytime and anywhere. It is so terrible, my photos are in it. I can't stand to see myself in that post together with the false accusation.

People, please. If you have nothing to do and nothing good to say, just stop.

God knows the truth. May that blogger be blessed and forgiven.


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