Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Golden Spoon Indeed

I have a sweet tooth.

I like sweets, desserts, chocolates not to mention adding a lot of sugar into my oatmeal. Despite having an addiction to sweetness, I am not a fan of yogurts.

But after eating @ Pepper Lunch with my teammates, we dropped by at Golden Spoon. Golden Spoon offers frozen yogurts with lotsa sprinkles you can choose from together with the literally GOLDEN Spoon. They say their Froyos are the "Ice cream Lovers' Frozen Yogurt." Maybe because the sweetness is just right for ice cream lovers yet it is still nutritional. For nutritional facts info click HERE

Golden Spoon @ Shangrila Mall

Lots of sprinkles and toppings to choose from. Gummy bears, corn flakes, cookes&cream crumbs, chocochips, marshmallows, and the list goes on....

20 pesos per toppings.

Froyo sizes
*photo from Golden Spoon's Website

My sweet treat! I just can't resist to try it. I got strawberry froyo for myself with chocochips and cookies&cream crumbs as for my toppings. Sorry for the blurry photo, I was walking while taking the picture. But it was worth it. Only 85 pesos I think for the small froyo. See the spoon? Its really gold! Joke! haha Its plastic but color gold.

 Strawberry Frozen Yogurt with Chocochips and Cookies and Cream Crumbs.

 Of course, discount card! If you'll buy on a Monday, they'll give 2 stickers! So buy every Mondays :P

They have 11 branches here in Philippines. Visit them on a monday! haha
* Alabang Town Center
* City Walk 2
* Greenhills
* Magallanes
* Makati-Glorietta
* Ortigas-Center
* Robinsons Galleria Veranda
* Shangri-la Mall
* Trinoma


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