Monday, April 11, 2011

Go for Neon!

I've been looking for colored pieces in my closet this past few days. While in the process of searching, I realized that I have given away my colored bottoms. Some, I have reconstructed already - cut shorter to be used as shorts.

I was hopeless.

Not until I DISTURBED my sister's closet. I found these colorful jeans!

I keep on telling that I am not used to wearing pants anymore. I prefer wearing dresses and skirts because it's more comfortable. At times, when I want to cover my legs, I just wear jeggings. But I can't resist! I want to look bright!

I know, I should have make the title '"I look like a PLANT today!" hahaha!

 Be inspired and spread the fashion word!



  1. Amazing pants! Beautiful colors.

  2. Love how the leopard matches the yellow. Very nice!

  3. Thank you guys, sending my love from here in PH! <3


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