Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Wider, The Better

I never thought that this kind of pants would be back. I just got some of my old pants I sent to the seamstress. I had them altered to skinny jeans. How sad. One thing I have learned, don't throw away old clothes. Fashion trends come back. Anyway, I still have some wide pants stored in my closet.

photo from fashionising.com

I need to be in a corporate attire on one office day. I certainly thought of wearing my wide legged pants a.k.a ELEPHANT pants. hahaha. I told myself that NO BACKING OUT IS ALLOWED. I have this attitude wherein when I am already dressed up in my perfectly imagined outfit, I suddenly change my mood and quickly change to a more dressed down outfit. I don't know why, but I'm somehow scared of the dirty looks I might get if I dress "abnormally" (Yes, abnormal, because some people don't consider dressing up as normal daily wear).

Anyhooo,  convinced myself that I have to get out of my comfort zone and dress for myself. If I'm happy with what I'm wearing, be it. No changing. I'm still developing and strengthening this perspective though.

I came up with this outfit since I am thinking of other ways that I can look semi-formal aside from wearing a polo and slacks. I think this should pass as a formal look. Well, FOR ME. :)


Wide legged pants certainly works best with heels. Well again, FOR ME. I cannot just wear it with a flats. Maybe some can do. We all have our personal style.

Lemme see how you'll style your wide legged pants! :)

Be inspired and spread the fashion word!



  1. You look so beautiful in wide leg pants, so cute.

  2. Love the wide legged pants look!:)

  3. Thank you dears for the comments! <3


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