Saturday, March 5, 2011

i-ADORE: Aisa Ipac

They say unique pieces are often found in vintage pieces and true fashionistas appreciate it.

One chictopia style icon I know often mix her vintage pieces with modern ones which makes her look extraordinary yet fabulous - Aisa Ipac. She got tons of comments on her chictopia page every time she posts an outfit shot. From then on, I stalk and read her blog to get fashion inspirations and ideas.

I really adore her style, being able to rock those vintage pieces effortlessly.

1.) Who is Aisa Ipac?
- "I'm just a simple girl who happens to love dressing up.:) I'm a UST graduate, I now work for an SEO firm in New York. I also do freelance styling, a webeditor of Depot Fashion Magazine and the owner of an online vintage store Archive Clothing. :)"

2.) How would you describe your style?
- "they said it's casual glam, I say bipolar. Lol. I don't really have a specific style I try to experiment with different styles. I go from rock star to whimsical to dainty to trendy in a snap of a finger depending on my mood. But I always mix vintage pieces with modern ones."

3.) Where do you usually shop and get your clothes?
- "Most of the time, online.  I also love my thrift shop & department store finds. Sometimes when I feel like spending I go to Topshop, Forever 21."

4.) Favorite trend of all time?
- "the 70s and full skirts!"

5.) What is your favorite piece of clothing you have in your closet which you won't trade for anything else?
- "I have a new favorite, my peterpan collar nude colored lace dress from Forever 21. Too cute. ;) "

6.) Who is your fashion icon? Where do you get your fashion inspirations? 
- "My icons are agyness deyn, rachel bilson, nicole richie, twiggy. I get inspiration from fashion blogs and fashion communities like lookbook, chictopia. So many stylish people around the globe!"

7.) What is your fashion philosophy? 
- "Never say never."

8.) Advice and messages to all fashionistas? 
- "Dress up for yourself and not for others!:) Style and fashion is not about the expensive labels or brands, what makes or break the outfit is how you carry yourself."

* All photos from Aisa's Chictopia.

Be inspired, spread the fashion word!

Hearts, Jill


  1. oooh Aisa is one genius. her mix of patterns and colors are fierce. im new to your blog and im quite liking it. im now following.

  2. i agree! Adore her too. She manages to make everything look awesome :)

    Followed your blog :)

  3. Hi guys! Me too, i love her style! :) just keep posted, you might get featured also ;)

  4. thanks girls i adore all of you too!:)


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