Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have the guts to wear long sleeves + jacket today since the weather is very gloomy. Hope it will stay the same, forever - No rain, No sun.

Green velvet jacket + mustard yellow dress = I am a Tree!!! hahaha!

I noticed that I am wearing a very environmentalist outfit. One fact about me is that my number one policy when it comes to environment is Do not throw trashes on streets. Throw it on the right place, no matter how small it is. In that way, I think I am helping in lessening the pollution in this world. I believe that everything should start from oneself. If you want the world to be cleaner, start from yourself. My perspective is that, someday, people will realize that they should do the same. (Pang miss universe lang??? hahaha!)

If you will check my bag and coin purse, you will see a lot of  candy wrappers (since I have a sweet tooth, I always buy candy) and bus tickets (because I ride bus going to work). Those things were in my bag because I prefer having a dirty bag rather than a dirty living (Of course when I get home, I throw it in the proper place). When I was in highschool, I really don't care were my trash go but I really feel guilty about it so I started to practice this living.

Be an inspiration to others! :)

Think Green. Think about mother earth!


  1. Im glad that there are still people like you. Me too, I prefer to have my pockets/bag/purse to be full of little trashes most esp. candy wrappers than throwing them anywhere. I don't know why, all I know is that aside from global warming thingie, I always believe that we do always reflect our personality. It is just sad that some (or many) people really don't understand the importance of NOT throwing at least a single piece of trash anywhere.

  2. Love your dress. I'm like you, I collect my trash, I recycle :).


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