Thursday, May 19, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Fab Picks IV

Richard Papa


Roland Lirio

Pleated sheer skirt - so love!

Textures again. Hot red.

What is texture and volume? :) I love!

SM Department Store

Colorblocked for men.

Nude jumpsuit

Emily Sy

I'm goin' gaga for Ruffles!

Jot Losa

I told you, ruffles again!

Joyce Pilarsky

Sophisticated. Elegant. Royal Blue. Prints.

M Baretto

 Read leather motorcycle jacket. love this for the beau.

colored blazer. spot the collars!

Melvin Lachica

Sheer in Brown.

Be inspired and spread the fashion word!

* All photos are from Style Bible

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  1. hiiii!!! :) followed your blog! gahhh love the ruffles too :)


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