Monday, June 20, 2011



* What is your height? 
    - 5'5 feet tall.

* What is your shoe size?
- 8, 9 or 10. Depends on the brand's sizing but i'm usually a 9! haha!

* What are your other websites?

* Who usually take your outfit shots?
- My sister.

* When did you start blogging?
- July 2010 but just became active January 2011.

* Where do you usually shop?
- Anywhere, literally! I like dept stores, thrift shops, online shops. I am for uniqueness and affordability.


* What course did you take and from what school?
    - Information and Communication Technology Management graduate from De La Salle University Manila.

* Did you take any fashion related courses?
- Not yet, but I'm planning to take one from SOFA when my schedule permits. 


* What is your work?
- I'm an SAP consultant in an IT Company. Yes I am a bit techie. :)

* What do you do aside from being an IT Consultant?
- You can hire me for different collaborations: blogging ads, blogging reviews, modelling, styling, personal shopper, etc. Just email me @

* Do you have a styling portfolio?
- You can check my lookbook account and this PAGE. for my portfolios.

If you have questions not answered in this post, you can email me at or ask a question via my formspring.

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