Friday, June 17, 2011

i-Dress for DLSU 100

100 years of excellence. 100 years of service.


I wore this to the centennial celebration of my Alma Mater. This is actually my brother's shirt. I am not into the mood to wear the green shirts inside my closet so when I saw this into his, I knew I wanted to wear it into a more "me" version. I added a belt, which is obviously my favorite accessory plus a fringe necklace to add spice to the plain tee.

  I never regret that I graduated from DLSU. I'd rather be green than any other colors out there. This school not only equipped me educationally but also honed me socially and most importantly, spiritually.

The feeling of singing the Alma Mater Song again is extraordinary and heartwarming. I just miss my school and the feeling of walking into the campus praying that the prof would declare free cut; the feeling hearing that end-of-class-alarm; the feeling of rushing from one building to another; the feeling of being problematic on what to wear and what to eat; the feeling of being a Lasallian student.

Proud to be one!

Live Jesus in our Hearts, Forever,

1 comment:

  1. yey lasalle!! <3 :)

    are you sure that's a MALE's shirt??? :/

    put up a photo of him wearing it! :)


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