Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey Zebra!

I am still not over with animal prints. Hence the printed shoes!

Though it's not noticeable in my photos, I am wearing three layers of clothing pieces! hahaha! For normal season, you can't wear that here in PH. You'll die because of heatstroke if you do that. Kidding aside, it was so cold today that's why I decided to layer all the way! That's the only good thing about this weather. Agree, Pinoys and  Pinays? :)

I got the pumps from SOFAB for only 1500 php! It was love at first sight, we all know that feeling. :)

Btw, maisingit ko lang. I already have lots of ideas on how to wear this uneven gray top. I want to wear it as a skirt! Can't wait! I told you, i love reusing my clothes like what I did here haha!

Be inspired and spread the fashion word!



  1. Love your jeans and the shoes, amazing! Am a followers of yours =))


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