Sunday, June 19, 2011


I went to GH some time last week trying to find a shoe that will make my heart beat non-stop.

I first saw a mary jane suede wedges at Summersault, which I really really love but they don't have a size 9. :( Yes, my feet is size 9. Haha!

When I stopped by Sofab, I remembered that some of the famous bloggers - Kryz Uy and Rosanna Aranaz designed shoes for them. So I was a bit excited wishing to score one of their designs. Unfortunately, GH branch does not offer the shoes. Boohoo! :( 

But anyway, I got a surprise for you guys. Who loves animal prints, raise your hand! hahaha! Tadah!

The heels and arch is love, I tell you! 

 I am still not over with animal print trend and I am still buying pieces that fall under the trend. I just can't resist. I am excited to wear these pumps!

Be inspired and spread the fashion word! 


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